Wednesday, May 17, 2006

IT & Robotics in Healthcare

On May 17, 2006, MassTLC convened a summit of healthcare professionals, IT executives, and robotics pioneers for a healthcare technology summit to explore and debate the opportunities and challenges we all face as we work to increase affordability and quality of healthcare through the application of innovative technologies. 

Issues included: Can IT and robotics improve care while reducing costs? Or at least slow the annual increases in costs? How are payers, providers, vendors, regulators coordinating their efforts? Will IT and elder companion robots increase quality of life, extend independence and provide a platform for telemedicine and home care? What lessons can be applied to healthcare from other industries -- IT and precision placement of silicon wafers in semiconductor manufacturing for example? What are some concrete opportunities? What is happening now? Where are the gaps and what will it take to accelerate our pace? 

Participants indluded:

- Michael Barrett, Managing Partner, Critical Mass Consulting 

- David Cowles, Co Founder and Executive Vice President, Benemax

- Thomas Grissom, Senior Health Policy Specialist, Foley 

- William Kennedy, PhD, CTO and Co-Founder, MobileRobots 

- Kent Larson, Director, MITs Changing Places and House_n Consortiums

- Ron Newbower, Strategic Director, CTO, and Co-Founder, CIMIT

- David Segal, Senior Vice President, Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare

- Chris Schuster, CEO, Emerson Hospital

- Dan Shaw, Associate CIO & Chief Knowledge Officer, Boston Children's Hospital

- Deborah Theobald, President & CEO, Vecna Technologies, Inc.

- Rich Zippel, Vice President, Sun Microsystems 



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