Friday, January 16, 2009

MassTLC Robotics Leaders Address the NEVCA

The New England Venture Capital Association invited leaders from MassTLC's Robotics Cluster to present on the State of the Robotics Industry in New England at their January meeting. This clip features Michael Greeley, Managing Partner at Flybridge Capital, Charles Remsberg, CEO of Hocoma, David Kelly, CEO of Bluefin Robotics, Bob Quinn, President, Talon Division, Foster-Miller/QinetiQ, Ted Acworth, CEO of Artaic, and Mick Mountz, CEO, Kiva Systems.

Bill Gates recently noted that the robotics industry today is similar to that of the computer industry back in the early 80’s, saying “I can envision a future in which robotics devices will become a nearly ubiquitous part of our day-to-day lives.”

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