Thursday, January 15, 2009

Selling Healthcare Technology to the Corporate, Consumer and Payor Segments

MassTLC's HealthCare Cluster hosted a panel discussion that explored how products and services are positioned for maximum market appeal, how different stakeholders in healthcare technology form their purchasing decisions, and various sources of payment, including creative arrangements that will open your eyes to building a market for your healthcare technologies.

The panel included Tom Iglehart, President of Care Commons as moderator, Lee Belniak, Vice President of Health and Insurance Benefits at Fidelity Investments, Benjamin Bielak Jr., Director of Technology at Dovetail Health, Patrick Boyle, Vice President, Americas Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions at IBM, Nadine Hays, Chief Marketing Officer at D2Hawkeye, and Chuck Eberl, VP of Marketing at Silverlink.

Topics included: Factors that were decisive in their market model and segmentation strategies; Lessons learned and changes made to their business model as they pursued stakeholders who pay; Bundling products with services, creating tiered bundles to meet the needs of different customer segments, and building recurring revenue; Role of customization in products and services to benefit the end user; and Opportunities to leverage technology to scale their product and service delivery.


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