Thursday, March 26, 2009

Designing IT In the Age of Obama

Council Trustee Dan Bricklin will moderate this discussion on "Designing IT in the Age of Obama" on Wednesday, April 1st. The panel includes Dan as moderator; Doc Searls, co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto, Harvard's Berkman Center Fellow, and senior editor for Linux Journal; Susie Adams, Microsoft Federal Civilian and IGO Chief Technology Officer; Tom Yeaton, the new CEO of Black Duck Software (formerly Red Hat and Macromedia); and Tom Kincaid, Executive Director of Sun's Application Platform organization (part of the original Java EE architecture and management teams).

I've excerpted the following overview from his blog and recommend that you visit Dan's Blog for a lot more of the thinking behind this program. Dan wrote:

"In President Obama's inaugural address he touched on some particular themes about change. He also mentioned use of technology. I thought that if we could get some people who are used to thinking about changes in how we do things in the room we could have an interesting discussion."

"Since this will be much more of an open, un-panel discussion than a traditional go-down-the-line panel presentation, these four are there to be part of a discussion that includes everybody else who attends. Attendees who have already signed up include senior people from major software companies, lawyers with a corporate as well as industry-wide perspective, and students. We will definitely have in the room a wide range of experiences and views for discussion."

"This is not about Open Source vs. proprietary development but rather about issues common to all. I believe, though, that the exercise in thinking that went into the concept of Open Source is helpful here." More on Dan's Blog.

Click here for event details, attendees, and registration.

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