Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Robo Leaders Gather at Museum of Science

This morning, about 30 members of MassTLC’s Robotics Cluster gathered at the Museum of Science for a Cluster Advisory Board meeting. The meeting agenda included updates from the Cluster’s Academic, Education, and Economic Development working groups as well as discussion about white papers for the NIST TIP Program. Following the meeting, Cluster members walked to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital for a demo of Hocoma’s Lokomat rehabilitative robotic application (more on the visit to be posted soon). MassTLC Advisory Board meetings are open to MassTLC members and invited guests only.

Meeting attendees included: Ted Acworth, Artaic; Andy Allen, Vecna Technologies; Colin Angle, iRobot; David Askey, Energid; Jeremy Brown, Rep Invariant; Penny Carleton, CIMIT; Ellen Cotton, Robotics Trends; Janice Crosby, CIMIT; Iahn Cujigas, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital; Dan d’Heilly, Wireless Techniques; Mike Gennert, WPI; Kathleen Hagan, ERG Global; Tom Hopcroft, MassTLC; Joe Jones, Harvest Automation; Dan Kara, Robotics Trends; David Kelly, Bluefin; Bob Kispert, MTC; Ted Kochanski, IEEE; Jim Mail, ABB; Dave Matheson, iRobot; Marilyn Matz; Ian McGuinness, MassTLC; Mark Newby, GEARS; Andrew Oswald, OZY Robotics; Ben Patritti, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital ; Ryan Pettrigrew, IEEE; Bob Quinn, Foster-Miller; Charles Remsberg, Hocoma; Raad Siraj; Marty Sklar, Automated Medical Instruments; Patrick Sobalvarro, Heartland Robotics; Kristen Stubbs, UMass Lowell; Jack Troast, T3 Advisors; Jason Walker, The Droid Works.

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