Saturday, March 7, 2009

Innovation at the Intersection of Digital Games, Robotics and HealthCare Sectors in Mass.

The opportunity at the intersection of video games, robots, healthcare, and entrepreneurship was driven home during a visit with our Robotics Cluster to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. This video shows Cluster member Jim Mail of ABB Robotics trying out one of Hocoma and Spaulding's most fascinating therapeutic robotic applications.

Here, an exoskeleton supports his arm while the glove, fitted with sensors, tracks his grip position. This rehabilitative robotic application is then connected to a video game so a patient is motivated for the sorts of repetitive motions needed in his or her therapy. MassTLC supports Cluster communities for Entrepreneurship, HealthCare, Robotics, and Video Games. This application demonstrates the incredible opportunities that exist not only within each Cluster community, but at the intersections between them.

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