Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update on the IT Collaborative

Pat Larkin invited Council leaders back for another update on activities of the IT Collaborative (See PPT overview linked in my prior post). Councils represented at this meeting include MassTLC, MassNetComms, and MITX. Pat indicated that the Organizing Committee decided to host an event in June focused upon two main goals:
1. to share the progress of the working groups to date with a broader audience
2. to widen the circle of participation.

He indicated that the co-chairs of three working groups are finalizing program descriptions for community dialogues in the following policy areas:
1. new venture formation,
2. talent initiatives, and
3. a session to continue fine-tuning the identity of the Massachusetts IT sector.

Pat shared the program design with us and invited input on how the Organizing Committee is planning to leverage the Internet to advance the emerging objectives of the Collaborative. He ended the meeting with some thoughts on how to measure success of the IT Collaborative. He noted that we will have succeeded when “Massachusetts” is one of the top three answers to this question: “When you think of IT, what part of the globe do you think of?”

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