Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Congressman McGovern Meets with MassTLC Robotics Cluster

MassTLC's Robotics Cluster hosted Congressman James McGovern at WPI for a briefing of Robotics in Massachusetts. The Congressman represents the 3rd District which runs from the NH border through Worcester down to Fall River.

The briefing followed a meeting of the Robotics Cluster's Academic Working Group and included an overview of robotics in Massachusetts as well as videos and briefings from Foster-Miller, Bluefin Robotics, and WPI.

The Congressman engaged in a lively dialogue with the Cluster leaders on how to increase visibility and accelerate economic opportunites for the robotics sector in New England.

Following the briefing, the Congressman viewed a number of robots that were on display.

Some thirty-five leaders attended the briefing. Participants included: Chris De Vico, Robots and Relax; Gregory Fischer, WPI; Mike Gennert, WPI; Ed Godere, Foster-Miller; Helen Greiner, The Droid Works; Rod Grupen, Umass Amherst; Kathleen Hagan, Hagan & Company; Noby Hata, Harvard; Dan Kara, Robotics Trends; David Kelly, Bluefin Robotics; Bob Kispert, Mass Tech Collaborative; Ted Kochanski, IEEE; Joe Martino, Maxon Motors; Michael Messier, Autogen; Mark Newby, GEARS Educational; Ryan Pettigrew, IEEE; Tom Ryden, North End Technologies; Ra'ad Siraj, MassTLC Trustee; Rob Smith, iRobot; Bob Sullivan, Autogen; Russ Tedrake, MIT; Gretar Tryggvason, WPI; Holly Yanco, Umass Lowell; and more.

Robotic companies in the 3rd district include: Co-Automation (Westborough); Distron Corp (Attleboro); Hamilton Storage Technologies (Hopkinton); Hatch Technology (Fall River); Maxon Precision Motors (Fall River); Protonex Technology (Southborough); Robots and Relax (Boylston); Autogen (Holliston); Caliper Life Sciences (Hopkinton); Genomic Solutions (Holliston); Ocean Server (Fall River); Remote Reality Corp. (Westborough); Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Worcester).

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