Thursday, August 20, 2009

Robotics Cluster Leaders Meet with Congresswoman Tsongas

MassTLC Robotics Cluster executives met in Lowell at the Office of 5th District Congresswoman Niki Tsongas. The group briefed her on robotics in the Commonwealth, thanked her for her participation on the Congressional Robotics Caucus, and noted that her broad-based support of robotics nationally is sufficient (as opposed to supporting Massachusetts robotics specifically) as Massachusetts companies will win contracts based on the strengths of the companies in our cluster.

Companies and institutions in the 3rd district include: Black I Robotics (Tyngsboro); Blueshift (Andover); Brooks Automation (Chelmsford); Gleason Research (Concord); Harvest Automation (Groton); Immersive Design (Acton); Kaztek Systems (Acton); Mercury Computer Systems (Chelmsford); Q Robotics (Groton); Solid Works Corporation (Concord); UMASS Lowell.

After briefing the investment community, the MassTLC's Robotics Cluster has shifted its focus to educating our elected public officials about the breadth and diversity of the robotics sector in Massachusetts.

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