Friday, September 25, 2009

Environmental Sensors Workshop

Executives interested in sensing, sensor networks, and robotics traveled to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) for a full-day workshop on sensing our environment and responding to change that was produced by the Mass Tech Transfer Center with the support of MassTLC, WHOI, and others. Attendees (pictured above) enjoyed network breaks on the balcony with views of the ocean and a threatening sky.

MassTLC's Robotics Cluster was represented in a session on Sensor Deployment (pictured above) that included the following speakers from academia and industry: Christopher Wallsmith, CTO of Bluefin Robotics; Clayton Jones, Senior Director at Teledyne Marine; John Farrington, Interim Dean, SMAST UMass Dartmouth; Francesco Peri, Managing Director of the Center for Coastal Environmental Sensing Networks at UMass Boston; Kevin McClurg, Business Development Manager for YSI Inc. The session discussed novel ways for deploying sensors and sensor networks and of moving sensors from place to place.

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