Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hundreds turn out for The Beatles: Rock Band at Tech Tuesday

Over 300 technology entrepreneurs, executives, enthusiasts, and students turned out for this month's sold-out Tech Tuesday: Gadgets and Gatherings at the Microsoft NERD facility in Cambridge. The theme for this Tech Tuesday, which was held just days after Mass-based Harmonix released The Beatles: Rock Band worldwide, was spotlighting the digital games sector in Massachusetts.

At the event, the Governor's Creative Economy Director Jason Schupbach (pictured here) read a proclamation from the Governor declaring video game day in Massachusetts. Council president & CEO Tom Hopcroft announced the findings of a survey on the digital game sector that MassTLC had released earlier in the day.

The event featured "shout-outs" by digital game executives and others in attendance telling people about games they were demoing at the event. In addition to pure video games, some brought components (like an accelerometer) while others brought interactive robotic games.

Companies at the event included: Blue Fang, DoubleTap Games, Fire Hose Games, Harmonix, The Hip Gamer, Turbine, WorldWinner, and more. Students and researchers were in attendance from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Bridgewater State College, Harvard Graduate School of Education, MIT SLOAN School of Management, and Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Special thanks to the sponsors of the event: Comerica, McCarter English, and Microsoft

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