Thursday, September 17, 2009

Secretary Bialecki: It Really Is All Here

Secretary Bialecki and his Communications Chief, Kofi Jones, today relaunched the "Massachusetts, It's All Here" brand for the Commonwealth during a press conference at the headquarters of Akamai Technologies in Cambridge. Initially launched in 2003, the revitalized campaign seeks to establish the identity of Massachusetts by supporting common goals and maximizing awareness of the state's global strengths.

The goals of the It's All Here campaign include: Maximizing job growth and regional economic prosperity in Massachusetts; Strengthening Massachusetts businesses; Increasing capital investment in the Commonwealth; Supporting all regions and communities in Massachusetts; Recruiting and retaining young talent in the Commonwealth; Retaining our highly valued workforce; Support technology and innovation; Supporting small business and entrepreneurship; and Supporting a diversity of innovative industries.

The Secretary noted that, unlike other regions that need to market beyond their borders, this campaign is targeted to those who are already here in Mass. And, rather than creating new content, It's All Here draws on a network of organizations that are already committed to establishing Massachusetts as the destination of choice for every business, young mind and new idea contemplating a home in Massachusetts. MassTLC is a proud supporter of the campaign.

Visit, or read more about it on the Secretary's Blog or on xconomy.

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