Thursday, October 1, 2009

Over 420 Technology Executives Pack Café for MassTLC Innovation 2009 unConference

Technology leaders convened at Nordblom's One Network Drive property (currently occupied by Sun Microsystems) in Burlington for MassTLC’s second Innovation unConference. Utilizing the Open Space methodology, the group collectively created the agenda for the day. The meant that anyone who wanted to propose and run a session could do so by "calling out" their session and then posting it on the Agenda Wall (online at

Bob Metcalfe of Polaris Ventures was the first to post a session on the wall. His topic this year was "ENERNET: Internet Lessons for Solving Energy." Last year he ran a session on "Selling." Another 70-80 attendees posted sessions on topics ranging from "The Wisdom of Crowds" to "How to Keep Your Founder's Job" to "Turbo Charging New England Entrepreneurship."

Scott Kirsner and Tim Rowe lead the session on Turbo Charging New England Entrepreneurship and came up with a great list of Innovation Drivers that are currently active, in progress, or aught to be. The following text list from the whiteboard was transcribed by Allison Parker of Microsoft who was kind enough to email it to me.

Active: Awesome Foundation; Berkman; Beta Spring (in Providence); BetaHouse; Bettina’s Group of Women; Boston Post Mortem; Boston World Partnerships; Boston/Tufts/Northeastern/BC TC; Business Innovation Factory; BYE; BYTE (Boston Young Tech Entrepreneurs); Cambridge Coworkers; CIC; Common Angels; DART Boston; Dogpatch Labs; Elist; FIRST; Funded Founder (Bay area link); Genotrope; Green Tech Media; Highland Capital; Hub Angels; Info Super Highway; Innovation Economy; Launch Pad; Mass High Tech; Mass Inno Nites; MassTLC; MIT 100K competition; MIT Enterprise Forum; MIT Entrepreneurship Center; MITX; Mobile Monday; NEChina; NERD; Open Coffee; Quest for Innovation; Romulus Capital – works with 1st time entrepreneurs coming out of university; Social Media Awards; Start at Spark; Stay In; SwissNex Boston; TCN; Tech Stars; Tech Tuesday; TEDx; TIE Boston; UMass Boston VDC; unConference; UNH; Vilna Schul; WebInno; WPI Venture Forum; Xconomy;

In Process: Dog Patch Labs; IDEA @ Northeastern; Innovation Open Houses; Mark’s Guide/Gerry’s Guide; MassChallenge; TCN Student Fair; Venture Café; Venture Fizz; Venture Well; Youth Cities;

To Do: Coordination (diminish the oversupply); Wiki; TC50 type thing; Exchange for open source talent; More thought leadership on global stage; More connections to work with universities to get students in engineering and science into local smaller companies; Integrate students more; ‘Open Employer’ badge for companies that don’t require non-compete; Gov funds; Embrace greenhorns; VC reprogramming; More practical meetings, e.g., some schools around web product managers (Tom Summit); Make your own; We’ve lost the acquirers to the West Coast… Court acquirers.; Angel matching services (Boston angel environment very formal); Once it’s funded, what tools and capabilities are there to help the companies scale.; Silos of info at every local school; Have the list and help people navigate which resources to tap when; Map the angel network for entrepreneurs -- (; Make events easier to find online (so that they’re easy to share online). For example, email invites aren’t sharable on twitter, etc.; Go-to designees at all companies (a la Don Dodge); Attract & retain students and smart people from around the world

Did I mention that Terrafugia Roadable Aircraft. Attendees came outside to see a demo and get inspired by this fantastic local innovation.

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I'd have loved to participated in the session, "How to keep your founder's job." I wrote a blog post on this subject just last week. At