Friday, October 9, 2009

Using Virtual Events to Create Real Demand and Real Leads

MassTLC's Sales & Marketing Roundtable took an in depth look at virtual trade shows. Virtual events are the answer to travel budget cuts, staff reduction and green initiatives that companies are facing today. A notable advantage of the virtual tradeshow format is the ability to gain access to speakers who otherwise would not have physically been able to attend, in addition to attendees and partners who otherwise would not have been able to participate. What is unique about the virtual format is the that you have a record of every attendee and every conversation you can view after the event is over. In addition to all of the captured registration data, you have records of who viewed which webcasts, what questions people had, the amount of time spent in which booths, who chatted with who, etc. You have access to a tremendous of amount of data post-event that you can pull and sort in various meaningful ways. Research has shown that the lead quality from a virtual trade show is comparable to that of a live trade show.

Available Resources
For those marketers interested in virtual events best practices, we encourage you to subscribe to Virtual Edge's newsletter and Twitter feeds...

Please also check out the Virtual Worlds Group on LinkedIn and ON24's Twitter Feed for more information.

An additional great resource to visit if the following virtual event that ran live on June 23rd, and is still available on demand: B2B Leading Edge: Demand Generation in the Digital Age.

Sample Proposal for Virtual Tradeshow Booth Sponsporship

Thank you to our speakers, Jennifer Kidwell, Senior Account Executive, ON24, and Josh Reynolds, North America Mid-Market Marketing, Sun Microsystems.

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to Create Real Demand and Real Leads

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Post contributed by MassTLC staffer Jillian Hegarty.

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