Tuesday, November 3, 2009

MassTLC and MassNetComms To Join Forces

We are excited to announce that MassTLC and MassNetComms will join forces to form the state's largest business association dedicated to driving innovation, fostering entrepreneurship and accelerating company growth across the technology sector.

The combined organization, which will operate under the MassTLC name, will bring over 500 companies under one tent including the world's top global technology brands, technology divisions of major corporations, venture capitalists, educational institutions and a breadth of service providers. The newly combined organization represents the entire technology landscape from deep infrastructure to end-user applications and from the technologist to the consumer.

Drawing upon the breadth of its membership, the organization provides insight into both established sectors and growing markets such as mobile, cloud computing, digital games, robotics, video and social media. The convergence we're seeing across the technology sector is creating opportunities for entrepreneurs as new markets are continuously emerging and evolving.

Our decision to join together and build scale in a single organization comes at an important moment in time. As a driver of innovation, the combined organization will contribute more significantly to economic recovery, regional prosperity, and the public debate at a time when technology is increasingly the solution for addressing our nation's priorities.

The combined Council will build upon the shared goals of each organization, including building a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem, investing in workforce development and talent retention, fostering a business climate that supports technology transfer and the growth of technology companies, promoting the technology sector for the purpose of attracting companies, investment, and talent to the region.

Company memberships in both organizations will continue in the newly combined MassTLC and members will see an increase in service as we integrate and combine programs and initiatives to better serve our members by:

- Strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem through an expanded set of innovative programs and initiatives both within the Council and in partnership with other local organizations;
- Supporting local technology companies through a wide range of networking events, best-practice forums, educational programs and other initiatives that foster business value and company growth;
- Promoting he Massachusetts technology sector with to entrepreneurs, investors, policy leaders, and executives for the purpose of attracting and retaining companies, investments, and talent;
- Heightening the presence of the technology economy within the state and influencing the public debate at all levels of government, and supporting workforce development;
- Connecting the Massachusetts community and providing access to important global leaders shaping our industry and the global community, as represented by such previous program participants as Mikhail Gorbachev, Alan Greenspan, Steve Ballmer and Eric Schmidt.

We are excited to come together and deliver greater value to both our memberships and the broader technology community.

To learn more about the combination, visit www.masstlc.org/massnetcomms.

Tom Hopcroft, President & CEO, MassTLC
Mark Horan, Executive Director, MassNetComms

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