Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Join us for the Next Wave of Innovation: Ubiquitous Connectivity

Join us on Wednessday, March 31st, for out Annual Meeting, the first major event since the combination of MassNetComms with MassTLC. We will look out over the next decade from a macro economic, technological, and innovation perspactive to explore opportunities. This event will attract 400+ senior executives looking for perspectives to help plan for the future and ride the next wave of technological innovation. Here are the event details:

Flipping the Switch from Survival to Growth:
How Ubiquitous Connectivity is Driving the Next Wave of Innovation

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
7:30 Registration & Networking; 8:30-11:30am Program
Location: The Westin, 70 Third Ave, Waltham, MA

Details & Registration

As we enter a new decade, the technology industry stands poised for a new wave of connectivity-fueled growth, characterized by ubiquitous access, cloud computing and "new" new media. Prior waves, such as stand-alone computing and wired enterprise infrastructure, each saw dramatic technological innovation and growth in our sector. Join us for our Annual Meeting - the first major event since our combination with MassNetComms - as we look ahead to the possibilities of this next wave for our region and the opportunities it presents for your business.

Michael Mandel, Editor-In-Chief & Founder, Visible Economy LLC

Here's the paradox: The last decade saw the rise of the Internet and mobile computing, a technological revolution of enormous proportions touching everyone. So as we look towards the next decade, we need to ask two questions. First, what are the key areas for innovation going forward? Will we see a continuation of current trends, or is it time for a change in direction? Second, how can we preserve the gains from innovation both nationally and regionally? That means profits, jobs, and stock returns, plus productivity and income gains for the rest of the economy.

INTERNET 2020: The Future Connection
Tom Leighton, Chief Scientist & Co-Founder, Akamai

A new wave is forming in the IT industry - a wave that is fueled by high bandwidth Internet connectivity in both wired and wireless scenarios - that will catalyze a new generation of startups and drive dramatic change in media, software, and communications as well as new applications in medical technology, financial technology and other verticals. Tom will share his vision for how the Web may evolve over the next ten years and what dramatic new business opportunities this evolution might catalyze.

FUTURESCAPE: SixthSense Technology Demo
Pattie Maes, Associate Professor of Media Technology, MIT Media Lab

The SixthSense device bridges the gap between the physical and digital world by augmenting the surfaces in front of the user with relevant information pulled from the web. It consists of a web camera and mini projector worn around the neck, that enable interaction with information about the objects, people and spaces around us. The camera recognizes the objects the user interacts with as well as hand gestures performed by the user. This data is processed on the cell phone and results in relevant information being pulled from the web and projected in front of the user.

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Riding the Wave to Ubiquitous Connectivity
- Emily Green, CEO, YankeeGroup (moderator)
- Vanu Bose, President & CEO, Vanue, Inc.
- Robert Havasy, mHealth Strategist, Center for Connected Health, Partners HealthCare
- Additional Participants TBA

The total interconnection of people, ideas, and products through a global digital network is the future, and with each new innovation wave there are opportunities for industries to capitalize and change the way they innovate. What new opportunities will ubiquitous access to a world of data create for your business? How can we capture and preserve the gains of this coming wave of innovation in our region?

PLATINUM SPONSORS: AT&T; PricewaterhouseCoopers; WilmerHale

GOLD SPONSORS: Akamai; Raytheon


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