Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Member Roundtable: The Silver Tsunami

Beginning in 2011, 75 million baby boomers will reach age 65 in the United States alone. At a rate of 8,000 Americans reaching 65 each day, this will be nothing short of a silver tsunami. Due to sheer numbers, affluence and technology savvy, they will have a profound impact on healthcare. Ken Accardi, CTO of Ankota, a health care delivery management system, addressed MassTLC members at a member roundtable on care delivery outside of the hospital.

He noted that, as of 2001, patients with chronic conditions accounted for:
83% of US health care spending
81% of inpatient stays
91% of prescriptions
76% of physician visits
98% of home health care visits

He contends that the system consists of the following pieces:
Communications and Engagement – email, chat, video, pC
Home Safety and Security
Health and wellness -- telehealth, medication dispensing, disease management and fitness
Learning and Contribution -

He notes that all of these pieces need to tie together and become interoperable but they don't. By 2020 it is estimated that the market will have grown by 10X. Ken proposed that the opportunity is here for entrepreneurs to become involved and help the situation. In the early fall, MassTLC's health care cluster will sponsor a public program on the Silver Tsunmai and the emerging technologies to support it -- we hope you can join us!

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Des Pieri, ChangeAgentDes said...

The market opportunity is huge. Combine the Silver Tsunami with Emily Nagle Green's "Anywhere" (everything is "connected") concept and there is a huge business opportunity.