Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We're Proudly Celebrating June: Innovation Month in New England

We at MassTLC are proud to be part of the second annual Innovation Month, a celebration of all the cool events and activities happening right here in New England -- the birthplace of revolutionary thinking in America.

We believe -- as so many others do here in the Greater Boston area -- that our region is creating a new burst of innovative spirit and activity in a wide variety of technologies, from mobile applications to cloud computing, from robotics to social media; from big data analytics to a whole host of technologies not yet known. Building on our great university base and our longstanding commitment to entrepreneurial spirit, this area is ready to ride new waves of innovation, creating dramatic new growth opportunities for the Commonwealth.

That's why we at MassTLC have recently issued a bold Challenge -- let's think big and act big and commit to creating 100,000 new jobs over the next decade. To do that, everyone in the tech ecosystem will have to attack on multiple fronts: we must continue to prime the start-up pump; we must foster even greater collaboration with our universities and our companies; we need to continue to attract global companies; and we need to make sure our mid-sized companies have the support they need to become global "grand slams" -- companies that compete on the world stage with the likes of Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and other tech giants.

At MassTLC, we're building our programs and initiatives around all these themes. And for June, we have two programs aimed squarely at the Innovation Month theme: our Social Media Summit on June 3, 2010 and our Tech Tuesday Networking Event on June 29, 2010 (Tech Tuesday is free of charge and its format is "free" as well -- a free-flowing networking event -- usually held on the first Tuesday of every other month -- that brings together more than 300 geeks, tech savvy professionals, DIY-ers, and other industry luminaries.) View all our events.

And don't forget our most important innovation event -- our annual Innovation unConference -- to be held this year on October 14, 2010 (we do innovation year-round). For those who have never been, this innovation-focused event is conducted in an innovative manner: Instead of the planned sessions and passive audiences of typical conferences, MassTLC's Innovation 2010 is an unConference where the agenda is formed organically by all attendees the day of the event. No podiums. No stages. Just small interactive sessions where everyone gets to know each other by gathering around areas of common interest. A central theme of Innovation 2010 is to give entrepreneurs multiple opportunities to meet people who can help them build their companies. View the Innovation 2009 website and stay tuned for details on Innovation 2010.

Innovation Month is a celebration of our collective entrepreneurial spirit -- our commitment to continuing Massachusetts' great tradition of revolutionary thinking. For more on Innovation Month 2010, visit http://neinnovation.com/. Or, read my post on Innovation Month 2009.

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