Thursday, September 9, 2010

John Donovan and Mobile Panel Talk Trends

MassTLC was honored to host John Donovan, AT&T's CTO, and connect him with the regions' most innovative technology leaders, investors and entrepreneurs. Over two days our members were provided a unique chance to hear first hand from the world's largest carrier market trends and expectations. Eight companies had the good fortune to pitch their solution directly to AT&T's team for feedback and a potential for future partnership.

As shown by John Donovan, CTO, AT&T

The main event of Donovan's visit was a keynote presentation focused on four trends shaping the market - video (from talk to me... to show me), mobilization (shortens distance from intent to action), software (common language drive integration) and the cloud (shift to shared infrastructure). With each crucial sector he shared trends, innovations and solutions.

Building on his messages immediately after was a lively panel entitled the The Future of Mobile, moderated by Carl Stjernfeldt, General Partner, Castile Ventures with panelists Hassan Ahmed, Chairman and CEO, Affirmed Networks; Anthony Kinney, Enterprise Mobile Strategist, Microsoft and Dave Grannan, President & CEO, Vlingo and Donovan.

Each agreed that given all the promise of mobile, there were many opportunities for emerging companies to solve the problems of industry's giants - and reminded participants that cracking "10x problems" will draw more attention from decision-makers than "2x problems." Kinney also reminded attendees that solving the mobile challenges will take a variety of approaches - including Microsoft's new mobile development platform.

Our thanks to Nokia for sponsoring, Microsoft for hosting and NEVCA for partnering with MassTLC on these events. Special thanks to Steve Krom, AT&T's VP and GM of New England, for engaging John Donovan in our region.


LeveragePoint said...

An excellent presentation. I look forward to more events like this in the future. I especially liked how John headlined each of the 4 themes: 1) Mobilization: shorten the distance from intent to action; 2) Video: from talk to me to show me; 3) Software: Common language drives integration; and 4) Cloud: shift to shared infrastructure.

I used other insights from the presentation for own blog post. See:

Ed Arnold, LeveragePoint

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