Friday, October 15, 2010

MassTLC's Third Annual Innovation unConference Energizes New England Innovators

Over 600 technology entrepreneurs, executives, investors and leaders jammed the World Trade Center in Boston's Innovation District yesterday for MassTLC's Innovation 2010 unConference. The third annual event surpassed all expectations providing over 100 participant led sessions on topics including "Intrapreneurship: Assaulting the Battlement of Corporate Indifference"; "Wrong Reasons to be an Angel"; and "42 Ways to Generate Buzz." You can view all sessions and notes here:, follow the chat on twitter here:, and browse session content here:

In addition to the incredibly thought provoking sessions, over 360 individual meetings took place between entrepreneurs and experts who provided the up and coming tech leaders candid advice and insights on how to move their idea/ business forward. Participants cited these one-on-one meetings as as fundamental experiences that will significantly shape the future of their businesses.

A special THANK YOU to our incredible sponsors -- Avid, Google Ventures, LKN+S, Microsoft, and WilmerHale . Without their support we could never have hosted such an amazing event. And of course, to co-chairs Bill Warner and Antonio Rodriguez who worked tirelessly with the staff to produce an outstanding event. Bill's dedication, vision and passion for this work in the region is to be commended. And finally, thank you to our connectors, partners and all participants who made this year's unConference unforgettable -- here’s what some of you had to say...

As a result of today,...

  • I met several investors, entrepreneurs and new friends who are sweating it out with passion. I feel great about this journey!
  • Thanks Bill Warner and all of MassTLC -- my first unConference EVER -- and it was awesome!
  • As a result of today I am going to approach a potential new partner with a very cool idea that will grow both our businesses
  • MA has connected as never before to take supreme global dominance in the tech economy
  • I will have lots of meets with people who hope I will hire them.
  • I might have started a new program
  • I am a better entrepreneur, networker, and driver! Thank you, MassTLC! - Josh Bob
  • I may have started a new meet-up group -- we shall see!
  • I realized there is a huge need for "PR 101"
  • I got 4 kick-ass ideas for my non-profit, I learned about the human energy field, I helped an entrepreneur not make a really BIG mistake!
  • I have met with people I have not seen in 10 years
  • I have a new business idea
  • I increased my network of biz development associates
  • I met great people and engaged in really interesting conversations
  • I will get more involved in public policy for small business
  • As an "expert", I learned for the entrepreneurs that I met with, how to listen
  • My business will start to use the services of local firms
  • Follow up with new forms of financial services.
  • I learned that finance and consulting are NOT the only paths and it’s not difficult to just keep starting things up.
  • I will not go to another conference all year until the next unConference!
  • We are going to put together a working group to explore innovation opportunities in the personal identitay and personal data space built on open standards -- Pam Reeve, Mike Kinkead
  • I am connected to even more kick-ass people!
  • I have a new group of people to share ideas with.
  • I met a lot of truly interesting, intelligent, and intriguing people
  • I had a chance to meet and know amazing people and upcoming technologies.
  • I experienced the willingness of lots of people sharing their thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics.
  • I made some great new contacts/friends and caught up with some old ones.
  • New business partnership
  • My business has the connections we need to get off the ground
  • I don’t need to do any more networking for 6 months.
  • I met some really cool, super-young entrepreneurial-minded folks. Very inspiring! We need to support these guys and gals!
  • I am completely energized about Boston’s digital economy
  • I found new ideas, met some inspriring people, had new opportunities open up.
  • I met many new contacts
  • This appears to be the place to meet folks who have a track record in entrepreneurship and as a result of today, I have met quite a few of them.
  • I will find a way to mentor more entrepreneurs
  • I will provide tips for value-based selling to my new contacts
  • I got a bazillion new contacts that are relevant
  • I have a new patenting strategy that is more capital effective and scales better
  • I'm going to explore some new marketing methods and messages for my ventures.
  • I am a step closer to overcoming a main obstacle in developing my product, which in nailing the UI
  • I'm going to work with my team to set some measurable multi-year goals so we can validate what investment is needed
  • I reconnected with mentors, got some excellent insight into a potential market, and found a kindred entrepreneurial spirit.

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You can also follow the Official Unconference Blog, which contains Virtual Sessions with archived tweets, user contributed content (notes, photos, videos) to continue the conversation and keep the energy growing.

It even has archived tweets for the unconference (FYI twitter search results will disappear after 7 days or 1500 entries).