Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MassTLC Mobile Data Deluge Panel Draws a Crowd

Ash Dahod, founder of Starent and head of Cisco's mobility unit, captivated an audience of wireless enthusiasts at the Microsoft NERD center last night with mobile data deluge statistics followed by some suggested bandwidth solutions. To round out the discussion was a cross sector panel of mobile experts featuring Walt Doyle, CEO of, Steve Krom, VP and General Manager at AT&T, Kate Imbach, VP of Marketing at Skyhook Wireless and Co-Founder of Mobile Monday Boston, and Carl Stjernfeldt, General Partner of Castile Ventures.

Dahod opened the event with a break-down of what occurred, worldwide, in the last 30 minutes. New mobile subscribers outpace births almost 3 to 1, adding 22,832 subscribers worldwide every 30 minutes, among other impressive stats:

- 73,059 cell phones have been shipped; 14,093 were smart phones
- 1,041,666 tweets on Twitter
- 1,736,111 photos uploaded on Facebook
- 25,000,000 videos have been watched on YouTube
- 62,500,000 search queries on Google

Ash Dahod Mobile Data Deluge

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The combination of new devices, new business models, high-speed broadband and more applications lead Dahod to estimate a 3900% increase in data traffic from 2009-2014.

The panel then fielded questions ranging from the effects of applications on data usage to the impact of tablet computing. Multiple solutions were proposed for managing the bandwidth solution from two-tiered pricing, to femtocells at every house, to driving more traffic to WiFi as both shorter-term and longer-term solutions. Critical to the solution though is continued dialog between carriers, infrastructure equipment providers and developers. Have specific speakers you'd like to hear from or solutions you propose, comment now.

Thanks to our sponsor, Cisco, Microsoft NERD for hosting the event, and to all the mobile enthusiasts who attended.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Autodesk VP Jay Bhatt Interviewed for NECN's CEO Corner

Autodesk Senior Vice President Jay Bhatt was featured on NECN's CEO corner yesterday where he shared his insights with Peter Howe regarding the 3-D computer animation technology that is changing the way buildings are constructed, roads are built and movies are made. Continue to Jay's interview here.

Join the Council's Energy Cluster on September 14th, 2010 for a deeper dive into the Autodesk and other technology success stories in building LEED certified communities -- Building the Future: Opportunities for Energy Innovation and Efficiency in Communities. More information coming soon.