Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Channeling the Big Data Tsunami: Opportunities from Infrastructure to Applications

Keynote speaker, David Reinsel, Group Vice President at IDC set the stage for discussion (view David's slides) at the Channeling the Big Data Tsunami Summit on February 17th. Presenters addressed questions such as how can we handle the onslaught of waves of data hitting our servers and crashing our systems and how can we develop deeper insights and more profitable businesses?

Over 150 attendees learned about the new opportunities and challenges that big data and analytics provide. They heard from successful data-driven businesses and heard presentations on how to plan for the impact on their organization's infrastructure and personnel.

Top analysts and thought leaders discussed the state of big data, business leaders presented infrastructure solutions in data capture, management, analytics, visualization and storage and CEO's shared experiences in healthcare, mobile advertising and financial services.

The event closed with Rapid Pitch Presentations from Suresh Gopalan, Founder and President of ReSurfX, David Kedmey, Co-Founder and President of EidoSearch and Nick Lim, CEO of Sonamine.

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View Video Interviews on SiliconAngle.tv
Presenters included:
- David Reinsel, Group VP Storage, Semiconductors & Pricing, IDC - View David's Presentation Slides
- Paul Brown, Chief Architect, Paradigm4 & SciDB
- Rock Gnatovich, Senior Vice President/COO, TIBCO Spotfire
- Suresh Gopalan, Founder & President, ReSurfX
- Colin Hill, CEO, President, Co-Founder, GNS Healthcare/Via Science
- Kipp Jones, Chief Architect, Skyhook Wireless
- David Kedmey, Co-Founder and President, EidoSearch
- Nick Lim, CEO, Sonamine
- Luke Lonergan, VP & CTO Data Computing Products Division, EMC & co-founder Greenplum
- Rajesh Nair, CTO, DegreeC
- Mike Stonebraker, Professor, MIT
- Adam Towvim, Senior Director, Business Development, Jumptap
- Bob Zurek, VP, Product Strategy, Endeca

David Vellente of Wikibon conducted interviews with Thomas Hopcroft, CEO of MassTLC, David Reinsel, Group VP of IDC, Professor Mike Stonebraker of MIT, Luke Lonergan, CTO of EMC Greenplum and John Partridge, CEO of Tokutek.

Keynote PPT slides coming soon.


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