Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MassTLC 2020 Challenge: Create 100K "new tech" jobs!

Jobs. They drive our economy. They enable us to put food on the table, heat our homes and send our kids to college. But today, we have more people out of work than at any time since 1993. And when those lost jobs come back, they will be different; the skills we have today will not be right for the new jobs. So what can our community do to catalyze job creation and ensure we have the skills to fill these jobs?

At the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC), we have some thoughts we would like to share with you through 12 articles throughout the coming year. It's an effort to galvanize the Massachusetts IT sector around a common mission: the creation of 100,000 new IT jobs, plus an additional 163,000 related non-IT jobs, over the next 10 years. This would generate over $16 billion of income for Massachusetts' residents.


This article, by Mohamad Ali, Mass Technology Leadership Council Chairman and senior vice president of of corporate development and strategy at Avaya Inc., and Tom Hopcroft, MassTLC president and CEO, appeared in Mass High Tech, and is part of a 12-part series about the "MassTLC 2020 Challenge" to grow the tech sector by 100,000 jobs over the coming decade.

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