Friday, May 13, 2011

MassTLC Spring Meeting - The Global Impact of Mobility

Over 300 entrepreneurs, investors and executives jammed the ballroom at the Kendall Square Marriott for the Council's Spring Meeting, The Global Impact of Mobility. Kicking off the meeting Steve Krom, Council Trustee and VP & GM New England, AT&T, announced that recent research conducted in partnership with BostInnovation revealed over 400+ mobile companies in the region Read full press release here

The morning continued with a lively interactive fireside chat between Kara Swisher, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, and George Bell, CEO, JumpTap. Kara's prediction? It's all about SoMoLo! Translation: social mobile local- take note entrepreneurs!!

Read more highlights here.

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Kara Swisher learns more about the amazing entrepreneurial ecosystem at CIC...
Following the Spring Meeting Kara joined local entrepreneurs at CIC for an informal conversation on innovation in Massachusetts. There were no wall flowers in the room and the lively (understatement) conversation covered everything from the cool technologies they are working on to the inside scoop on Kara's new hoodie....
A special thanks to Tim Rowe and the folks at CIC for providing us with the space and Stephanie Castilla, CTO, Leaf Holdings; Walt Doyle, President & CEO, Where, Inc.; Brian Halligan, CEO & Founder, HubSpot; Philip Jacob, VP Technology Time, Inc.; Steve Kelly, CEO, Myomo; Matt Lauzon, Founder & President, Gemvara ; Mihael Mikek, CEO & Co-Founder, Celtra; Steve O'Leary, Managing Director, Aeris Partners; Katie Rae, Managing Director, Tech Stars; Meredith Flynn Ripley, President & CEO, HeyWire; David Rose, CEO, Vitality; Tim Rowe, Founder & President, Cambridge Innovation Center; Victoria Song, Associate, Flybridge Capital; and Gus Weber, EIR, Polaris Venture Partners for helping show Kara the amazing energy pouring out of the Massachusetts entrepreneurial ecosystem!!

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