Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Improving Customer Satisfaction and the Customer Experience by Leveraging Operations

It was another great turnout this morning as the MassTLC SaaS/Cloud cluster wrapped up their SaaS business model series with a session on Improving Customer Satisfaction and the Customer Experience by Leveraging Operations. Skip Besthoff from Castile Ventures led off the session with an explanation on why we care about customer service and the impacts of poor customer service; lost revenue and high support costs. In order to on-board customers, the customer experience must be baked in from the very beginning. He also shared key principles for success:

- At minimum, responsiveness; at baseline, proactive; at best, can anticipate
- High ease of use, UI matters
- Efficient
- Multiple touch points

We next heard from four practitioners; Lou Guercia, CEO of Scribe, Joshua Herzig-Marx from IncentiveTargeting, who just announced they have teamed with Groupon to bring social buying to the grocery retail and Consumer Packaged Goods industry, Michael Monteiro, co-founder of Buildium and Joshua Porter, co-founder and VP of Customer Experience with Performable. Each shared their processes and the technologies they use to elevate customer service and the customer experience. Josh from Performable shared that everyone at Performable does support and the team rotates responsibility daily. He shared their core customer satisfaction principles:

- Customer service = personal relationships
- Under promise, over deliver
- Whatever happens, solver their problem
- The role of helper is best
- Embrace the evangelists
- Customer Satisfaction improves your product, period!

Presentations can be found on SlideShare. We look forward to working with our members on the programming for the fall. Please share any ideas and suggestions you have with Christine@masstlc.org.

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