Friday, September 23, 2011

Volume vs. Value in Healthcare: the Dilemma, the Challenges and the Opportunities

Yesterday's healthcare program focused on the shift from volume to value for care delivery. It was a fascinating discussion with Craig Sammit, CEO of Dean Health Systems in Madison, WI and Alex Baker, COO of Partners Community Healthcare (PCHI).

Alex Baker kicked off our program and shared network characteristics needed to succeed in population management and the care re-design themes in which PCHI is considering. From business intelligence and data warehousing to decision support, patient portals and referring physician tools. Check out Alex's presentation here.

Dean is one of the largest integrated health systems in the mid-west and a nationally recognized leader in accountable care. Craig discussed how their shift occurred originally out of necessity but quickly became the right thing to do to offer "value". He shared the tools and technologies they are currently using, how they have optimized the use of these technologies and the emerging technologies in which they are pursuing. Learn more from Craig's presentation here.

Thanks to Alex and Craig for their time and insights and our moderator, Dan Feinberg, Director of Health Informatics Graduate Program at Northeastern U. Also a special thanks to UKTI for hosting, and Mary Anne North and Barbara Bix for their help in creating another excellent MassTLC healthcare program.

What's Next?

Stay tuned for our next program scheduled to take place in mid-November. The focus will be on the role of technology to push the boundaries of Community-based care. We just started planning the session so if you are interested in learning more and sharing your insights, please email


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