Thursday, March 31, 2011

MassTLC Joins MassEcon in Welcoming 13 New Companies to Massachusetts

MassTLC joined MassEcon in welcoming thirteen companies to the state at a Corporate Welcome Reception at Citizens Bank. The event was attended by 160+ executives and featured remarks from Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Greg Bialecki, as well as Citizens Bank President Jerry Sargent.

The thirteen companies welcomed as new additions to the Commonwealth's business landscape include Alliance Medical Gas Corporation of Springfield, Altaeros Energies of Cambridge, Backupify of Cambridge, Evaluate Pharmaceuticals of Boston, HitPoint Studios of Hatfield, IntegraGen, Inc. of Cambridge, Mobile Monitor Technologies of Newton, Moms and Jobs of Lowell, Nemucore Medical Innovations of Worcester, Sand9 of Cambridge, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals of Marlborough, TPI Composites of Fall River, and Xenics USA of Beverly. The companies hailed from all regions of the state and represent a wide variety of industries including renewable energy, biotechnology, information technology, and photonics.

According to Sargent, "Convening events like this and serving as a resource to new companies is a simple way to support the economic development efforts of the state." As part of the MassTLC 2020 Challenge to grow the tech sector by 100K jobs over the coming decade, the Council supports MassEconn's Ambassadors Program to organize a network of senior executives who share a common interest in enhancing the state's ability to retain and attract business.

MassTLC executives interested in being an Ambassador are invited to contact Council CEO Tom Hopcroft at or Susan Houston, Executive Director of MassEcon.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Innovation, Technology and Sustainable Design

The MassTLC Energy cluster hosted a panel of experts discussing how technology can play a role in the lifecycle of new and existing buildings. Mark Nelson, Deputy Commissioner, Office of Facility Maintenance, DCAM discussed how today’s buildings must go beyond LEED certification and be maintained as a sustainable facility. As Mark put it, “It’s about getting the right data for your return on investment.” He also stressed that the person maintaining the building may not have the skills to run the building the way it was designed to run, that is where new smart technologies can help.

Ellen Watts, a principal with Architerra, described how over 60 Massachusetts towns voluntarily adopted the state’s “stretch code” to reduce the energy load of new construction, yet energy use in the US is still rising. Buildings play a large role in energy use and by integrating new technologies like solar panels, efficient lighting, and on-site fuel cells or biomass boilers architects can help builders get to a net-zero energy load.

Once the structure is designed and built, the next phase in the lifecycle becomes maintenance and this is where Johnson Controls (JCI) and Cisco come in. Brendon Buckley, North American NIS Solutions Director at JCI and Risk Esker, Director, Emerging Solutions Ecosystems at Cisco are leveraging data and technology to control the building. The challenge for them is pulling the data out of long established silos and bringing together different stake holders such as IT and facilities managers.

Brian Chemel, Founder and CTO, Digital Lumens is on the ground solving energy problems in new and existing buildings. Lighting dominates the energy usage in buildings and Digital Lumens’ technology brings together lighting clusters, network sensing and web based management to reduce energy.

The event ended with the panelists discussing what the next challenges are and what more can be done. Mark Nelson believes training for facilities managers who will be in charge of maintaining the buildings LEED certifications is important. Ellen Watts feels that more federal leadership is needed to tackle the issue of rising energy usage. Brendon Buckley wants to help educate customers on the return on investment in building management technologies. Finally, Brian Chemel stated that to promote real change government and business incentives need to be aligned.

CNET’s Green Tech Blog writer, Martin LaMonica, attended the event. You can find his article at,

Leveraging Convergence to Achieve Smarter Buildings, Brendan Buckley
Innovation, Technology & Sustainable Design:An Owner’s Perspective, Mark Nelson

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MassTLC 2020 Challenge: Create 100K "new tech" jobs!

Jobs. They drive our economy. They enable us to put food on the table, heat our homes and send our kids to college. But today, we have more people out of work than at any time since 1993. And when those lost jobs come back, they will be different; the skills we have today will not be right for the new jobs. So what can our community do to catalyze job creation and ensure we have the skills to fill these jobs?

At the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC), we have some thoughts we would like to share with you through 12 articles throughout the coming year. It's an effort to galvanize the Massachusetts IT sector around a common mission: the creation of 100,000 new IT jobs, plus an additional 163,000 related non-IT jobs, over the next 10 years. This would generate over $16 billion of income for Massachusetts' residents.


This article, by Mohamad Ali, Mass Technology Leadership Council Chairman and senior vice president of of corporate development and strategy at Avaya Inc., and Tom Hopcroft, MassTLC president and CEO, appeared in Mass High Tech, and is part of a 12-part series about the "MassTLC 2020 Challenge" to grow the tech sector by 100,000 jobs over the coming decade.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MassTLC Robotics Cluster at Segway in Bedford, NH

On a cold march morning members of the MassTLC Robotics Cluster met at Segway in Bedford, NH. The group was able to tour the facility which includes engineering and manufacturing, as well as, get a demonstration of the Segway product line. This included the P.U.M.A., a balancing two-wheeled, two person electric vehicle that can accelerate up to 30 mph. Our cluster chair Tom Ryden can be seen here receiving a ride from Segway’s Craig Schafer.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Linking the UK-MA Innovation Economies

MassTLC President & CEO Tom Hopcroft is interviewed in London on efforts to build business linkages between the UK and Massachusetts technology communities. Thanks to UKTI for the video interviews from the trip.

UKTI writes, "Following a meeting with US Ambassador Nigel Sheinwald in Boston in February, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick traveled to London and Cambridge, England from 14-17 March with a coalition of the state's leading business executives and senior state officials to develop further links between UK and Massachusetts industries including technology, life sciences and clean energy." Read full reacap on UKTI's blog.

Friday, March 11, 2011

1,200 Jam Microsoft NERD for 2nd Annual PAX Party

MassTLC hosted its second annual "Made in Mass" party in advance of this year's PAX East Conference. Video compliments of Microsoft.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Council CEO Previews Governor's Trip to United Kingdom on NECN

MassTLC President & CEO Tom Hopcroft is interviewed on NECN on his participation in the UK leg of Governor Deval Patrick's Innovation Economy Mission. View full NECN interview.

Hopcroft will join Governor Deval Patrick and a coalition of state officials and business leaders on the Massachusetts Innovation Economy Partnership Mission 2011 to the United Kingdom on March 14th. The UK mission is part of a larger effort by Governor Patrick to expand economic opportunities overseas and to bring global companies here. The initiative kicked off with a delegation of Massachusetts technology and other leaders traveling to Israel, which MassTLC helped organize.

"We applaud the Governor for taking the initiative to boost our state's technology industry by embarking on these trade missions," said Hopcroft. "MassTLC is leading an aggressive effort to create 100,000 new technology jobs in the state this decade and the Governor’s commitment to bringing global companies to Massachusetts and opening doors for Massachusetts companies overseas is critical to realizing that aspiration."

Last year, MassTLC unveiled its "2020 Challenge," an initiative that aims to create 100,000 new information technology jobs in the Commonwealth by the end of the decade. During the trip, Hopcroft and eight MassTLC member company executives will join the Governor and other participants in making company visits, meeting with government and business officials, and participating in roundtable discussions with economic leaders in London and Cambridge.

"I’m excited to have Tom Hopcroft and all the MassTLC executives joining our great coalition of leaders on this trade mission," said Governor Patrick. "The Council is leading an ambitious effort to grow the state’s information technology industry and its participation in this mission will go a long way towards forging lasting economic ties and partnerships between Massachusetts, Israel and the UK."

The Massachusetts delegation will arrive in Israel on March 7th, and depart the United Kingdom on March 17th to return to Boston.

Today there are nearly 100 companies with Israeli founders or Israeli-licensed technologies in Massachusetts. In 2009, these companies employed nearly 6,000 people and generated $2.4 billion in direct revenue for the state. Local firms exported over $180 million worth of goods to Israel in 2009 and, at 12.35 percent, the United States is Israel's largest source of imports.

There are currently 478 companies with UK ties in Massachusetts and 225 UK-owned companies have facilities in the state, employing some 40,100 Massachusetts residents. Additionally, 253 Commonwealth-based companies have established operations in the UK. Massachusetts companies exported over $4 billion worth of goods to the UK in 2009 and the United States is the UK's second largest source of imports at 9.74 percent. For two years in a row, the UK has been the largest market for Massachusetts exports.

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