Friday, January 13, 2012

MBTA, Hubway, and Food Trucks Are Focus of Web and Mobile App Contest

The Commonwealth has teamed with the City of Boston on a contest called the MBTA + Boston Bikes Developers Challenge to develop Web and mobile software applications that provide innovative ways to access MBTA and New Balance Hubway information in real-time. The contest supports MassTLC's 2020 jobs growth challenge by connecting public needs with local technology talent.

The six week contest is geared towards the connections between the MBTA, Hubway bicycle rental stations, and the city's many food trucks. There are three areas of competition:

- Food Trucks - Web and mobile app developers are invited to create innovative applications that help residents get information on and locate Boston's Food Trucks. This app would ideally include menus, locations, and directions for getting to the truck via foot, bike, or MBTA.

- MBTA & Hubway Info Access - Web and mobile app developers are invited to create applications using the MBTA's real-time bus, subway, and commuter rail schedule information, and Hubway's Live Station Inventory Data.

- MBTA & Hubway Visualization - Web and mobile app developers are invited to create visualization-based apps using historical vehicle location data from the MBTA and Hubway bicycle rental stations.

Winners of the contests, which runs through February 24th, will receive prizes including a free one-year Charlie Pass for the MBTA, Hubway membership, and/or Food Truck passes.

MassTLC supports public contests and other initiatives that help connect the government as a potential "first customer" to the 400+ mobile, 100+ big data/analytics, and other technology companies in the Commonwealth. This crowd sourced approach achieves the dual purposes of tapping the best technology talent to help deliver public services while creating that essential bridge that could help local entrepreneurs and start-ups access a new market.

More info on the MBTA + Boston Bikes Developers Challenge. See additional ideas on the Mayor's New Urban Mechanics website.

The Massachusetts Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs also recently launched a mobile app development contest, dubbed the Get Outdoors Massachusetts Mobile Apps Contest.


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