Friday, February 3, 2012

Finding, Ranking and Tracking the Online Influencers Important to Your Business

It was a great turn-out for this week's social media seminar focused on online influencers. Finding them isn't necessarily the hard part, it's getting them in your court to help promote your business. Mike Troiano @miketrap from Holland-Mark compared it to a cocktail party saying "it's the approach that matters". You can't just walk up to them and sell your services, it takes time and tact to make a good connection.

Pierre-loic Assayag, CEO and Founder from Traackr, kicked off the morning and shared results from a survey they conducted. He also shared the "10 commandments to influencer communication". Check out his presentation here.

Alan Belniak, Director of Social Media at PTC and Erica Ayotte, Social Media Manager at Constant Contact presented case studies on how they are working with online influencers to support their business. Both presentations can be found on Slideshare: Erica's presentation, Alan's presentation

Next, Mike Troiano from Holland-Mark shared his expertise from the agency side. He said there are 5 key steps to influencer management:
1. decide who you're talking to.
2. listen to learn how you can help them.
3. deliver content that does so.
4. build a relationship over time.
5. ask for what you want.

Mike's presentation is available for download here.

The presentations were excellent but the Q&A session is where the best practices and tips for success were shared. Thanks to all that joined in the discussion. If you would like to be part in the next discussion, please take this short survey and let us know what you would like to see next!



Bridget Hall said...

I'm liking these "commandments" that Mr. assayag presented (especially the first three). I suppose social media marketing agency new york groups have these as required reading for their people so they can determine potential partners, eh?

Anna Lebrun said...

I may have to agree with Mr. Troiano, those key steps were also discussed by the ecommercefulfillment services online team. I find it useful for it can benefit a lot of people.

Geoff Granfeld Jr said...

I attended a seminar that was conducted by a digital ad agency in New York. They pointed that communication is key to the success of an online business. You cannot simply talk and walk away after a discussion. Maintaining a good working relationship with other telemarketers will help your business today and in the future.

Geoff Granfeld Jr

audreychiskie said...

It seems that you guys are really doing a great job in integrating all of those bits and pieces. I will be happy to watch the next discussion.

-Audrey Chiskie

derekcannon824 said...

A kind of meeting like this one is the proper way of formulating and planning the kind of marketing strategy that the company will do to their business.

Derek Cannon