Friday, February 10, 2012

Maximizing Engineering Productivity - a peer to peer discussion

The MassTLC software development community met at VMware in Cambridge for a well-facilitated conversation on maximizing engineering productivity. Brad Meiseles, Director of Engineering at VMware and Susan Rossnick, VP of Engineering at Kronos lead the discussion with about 40 techies from companies such as GSN, DYN, ZoomInfo, new big data player Kyruus and start-up Incrwd. Brad kicked off the conversation with a short presentation filled with witty quotes. Take a look here. The hot topic of the night was around establishing a work environment for success. From bright colored, open environments, big headphones and red lights to remove interruptions, no meeting Wednesday’s at VMware and huddle rooms at the new Black Duck location in Burlington, the conversation was varied. However, most agreed that it is necessary to consider different work styles and personalities.

The conversation moved on to productivity, the use of SCRUM and measurement. There were strong opinions in the room on either jump in full force with SCRUM or DON’T! Following the rules is key to its success.

We are looking next at a seminar focused either on culture (which is a continuous discussion for this group!), fostering and realizing a culture of quality, continuous intergartion or SCRUM. Any thoughts on what would interest you and your team? Please drop me an email at


Xander Lawson said...

Always good to have discussion groups like that. There's no better way to exchange ideas and formulate new ones.

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