Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bill Campbell's Challenge to Massachusetts

MassTLC caught up with Bill Campbell after his fireside chat at this year's Annual Meeting and asked him what his challenge was for the Massachusetts technology community. His answer? That VCs need to do more to fund and keep entrepreneurs here in Boston. 

Watch the clip below and weigh in. Do you agree or disagree? Have you had an experience that runs counter to his POV or that supports it? Are you a VC that has great programs and initiatives going on that you want to share? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below.


Michael Soby said...

I enjoyed Bill's comments. I think he made very solid points that we should consider

Mark Holt said...

Bill's 'investment philosophy' sounded a lot like the index investor- put it all in, broadly, and the market beats the expert pickers all the time. Stay invested.