Monday, April 16, 2012

Robots, Robots, Robots! Recap of the 2012 Robot Block Party

The future of robotics is not just for the Jetson's. Robots today are fast becoming the co-workers and assistive tools of tomorrow. At the Boston Museum
of Science this weekend, as part of National Robotics Week 2012, the annual Robot Block Party showcased the Future of Robotics with over 20 different robotics companies and research institutions showcasing robots of today and talking about how robots will be used in the future. The MassTLC robotics cluster was a proud sponsor of the event with participating member companies: Adept Mobile Robots, Myomo, Hydroid, iRobot, Jaybridge Robtics, Energid, Harvest Automation, Aldebaran, Bluefin Robotics, MIT, Tufts University, vGo Communications and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

"We are in a golden age of growth," said Professor Dinos Mavroidis from Northeastern University's Biomechatronics lab, when talking about the surge in applications of robotics technologies in assisting humans. Robots are being used today to keep our soldiers safer on the battlefield, assist doctors in surgery, create better outcomes for physical therapies and reshape the way we think about farming. In the future it is easy to imagine autonomous surgeries, tractors, airplanes and vehicles. Robots are also paving the way to keeping us in our homes longer as we age, with virtual doctor visits and telepresence robots. The future is very bright for robotics applications that will impact our daily lives in a positive way.

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Patrick Odea said...

I long for the day when those virtual robots will be able to provide after hours urgent care any time of the day. Of course that is not a far-fetched dream with the times we are in right now. It's just a matter of which country can do it first--will it be our beloved US of A? South Korea? Japan? Eitherway, any of those are qualified. I'd digress if it'd be China on the forefront of that. We all know how sub-standard their technology and everything else can be. Just my 2 cents.