Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Marketing Analytics Summit Draws a Terrific Crowd in Burlington – presentations available, follow-on session scheduled and video to follow on Wednesday

Mark Jeffery giving his Keynote Presentation
The keynote was entertaining, the opening case studies insightful and the break-out sessions educational, but some of the best feedback from the day was how great of a crowd there was at MassTLC’s Marketing Analytics summit on Thursday. Marketing teams from leading companies across the region arrived to discuss marketing data and how people are using it to move the needle. Mark Jeffery, Author of AMA’s best marketing book of 2011: Data Driven Marketing: The 15 Metrics Everyone in Marketing Should Know kicked-off the morning showing the marketing divide between high and low performing organizations and how they spend their marketing dollars. He discussed the 10 essential, classic marketing metrics and the 5 new age metrics. Take a look at Mark’s presentation here.

L-R: Dan Malone, Rick Jensen & Jeanne Hopkins
Next, Dan Malone, Sr. Web Analytics director at Vistaprint, Rick Jensen, SVP Marketing and Sales at Constant Contact and Jeanne Hopkins, VP of Marketing presented on how they are looking at data to move leads through the funnel. All three presentations can be found here: Vistaprint, Constant Contact or HubSpot .

Following the case studies, the group split for sessions on social media analytics, website analytics, marketing automation analytics, mobile app measurement and VP sessions discussing executive dashboards and executive buy-in.

Crowd during the Case Study Presentations
Guest Posts
I would like to point you to a few guest posts for more information. Alan Belniak, Director of Social Media at PTC and co-chair of MassTLC's social media community provided an overview of the social media analytics session here. Alan's insights as a practitioner don't get any better - thanks Alan! Also, Jeff Vocell of Trendslide, a new start-up that launched at the summit, gave a good overview of the day which can be found on his blog.

Thanks to Our Sponsors and Partners 
Thanks to our event sponsors; TimeTrade, HubSpot, Holland-Mark and Trendslide, to our event partner; AMA, a big thanks to KnowledgeVision for videotaping the day and a shout out to Kibits who helped coordinate the collaboration tool for use before, during and after the event. We hope you were able to participate in the Kibits and found it useful.

Upcoming Video
We are very excited to have had KnowledgeVision video tape the morning. The complete video will be available within the next few days. Stay tuned!

Next Session 
Lastly, we are hosting a follow-on website analytics session on May 18th for a deeper dive on using website data to drive revenue. Great speakers to be announced soon! Non-members that attended the session are asked to email Jennifer@masstlc.org for complimentary access to the event.

We hope to see you all again in May!


Patrick Rafter said...

Follow-on to the Marketing Analytics Summit--- Sponsors TimeTrade and HubSpot have teamed up to create the TimeTrade "Click to Schedule" App for HubSpot: http://bit.ly/KBoIfp

ana sanchez said...

I learned a lot from last year's summit. I remember a speaker from web design surrey where the topic was designing effective UI and UX that drives conversion as shown by analytics.

Lawrence Banks said...

I wanted to attend so bad in last year's summit, but due to a prior engagement I wasn't able to. However, our marketing team were in attendance and they said it was indeed a great presentation. Hopefully on their next summit I would be able to join.

-Lawrence Banks

Gwyn Stiles said...

We attended this summit too and I've met a lot of people from seo to web development to marketing team. This has been a great conference because we've learned a lot and at the same time we were able to exchange insights about it.

Gwyn Stiles

Sean Rasmussen said...

There should be more presentations like this across the country for those who are willing to learn more on marketing analytics. I hope it's possible for you guys to conduct the same here in Australia.

Sean Rasmussen

william0966 said...

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