Friday, November 16, 2012

Get Famous Fast: Media Relations for Entrepreneurs led by Scott Kirsner

This session led by Boston Globe columnist and blogger, Scott Kirsner (@ScottKirsner) explored some insightful tips and techniques for startups and entrepreneurs looking to learn more about successful media relations. Some key takeaways included:

Competitors. Look at your competitors news and recent press to find appropriate reporters covering your industry.

Build a relationship and engage. Relationships with the press start way before getting press. Send a note or comment about a recent article to the reporter you’re interested in engaging with.

Get Social. Twitter is a great way to learn more about reporters. What are their interests? What are they writing about? Find what their likes and dislikes are to continue to help build a rapport.

Face to face. Meeting a reporter in-person is the one of the strongest and personable ways to get to know a reporter. More than email. More than Twitter. It’s all about personal connections.

Customers. Ask your customers what they read? Find out what articles your customers are posting on Facebook and Twitter. This will help further uncover who is writing about your specific industry while discovering what publications will truly impact your business.

Content. Remember to write content not just about what your product or service does, but instead make sure to address how your product or service solves customer problems. This will help leverage sales as well as media.

Keep it simple. Use the “cocktail party” explanation approach when explaining your product or service to a reporter by keeping it brief, simple, clear, and concise. Forget the buzz words.

 Empathy. This is incredibly valuable in terms of media relations and PR. Being able to relate to a reporter’s feelings, experiences, and believes is beneficial in further developing a personal connection.

Be honest. Trust goes a long way with a reporter. Don’t ever lie. It’s okay to say no comment.

Johanna Lucia, Operations Executive

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