Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On- Message – On Brand: What Does it take?

December 4, 2012

Jill St. George, Sr. Director of Marketing from PTC kicked off our event this morning presenting on PTC’s new brand.  PTC underwent the daunting task as they felt their current tagline and messaging was not resonating well. Harnessing their play in service, they included this in their new tagline “Product and Service Advantage”.   Most of their time and effort was spent on messaging to make sure it resonated with their new audiences.  The effort to come up with the purpose and how to deliver it was massive. 

Parna Sarkar-Basu, VP of Corporate Communications at Verivo Software presented the company’s re-brand from Pyxis Mobile.  A huge task considering it had to be completed in 2 ½ months.  She relied heavily on analyst feedback for confirmation and adjustments.  Parna shared results which included phenomenal media pick-up.

Mike Troiano, CMO at Actifio rebranded to simplify its message. This comes substantially from Mike’s work at Holland-Mark which encourages “One Simple Thing”. At the core of any rebrand is finding a single, simple idea that can be easily understood and shared.  Learn to tell the story behind your brand by engaging the external reality.  The entire process took 3 months.  “We are “on message” around the world.  We have had a dramatic uptick in analyst, press coverage, 20% acceleration in new rep productivity, dramatic increase in average sales per head, inbound leads up over 600% and quarterly booking up >500%, year over year.”

When Mike took over as CMO at Actifio some of he best advice he heard was stay close to sales.  They said “yeah, you’re going to do your nice Mike Troiano dance, but you need to have sales on your side to succeed”.  Mike’s priorities were sales priorities.   And in regards to refining the pitch, he delivered it hundreds of times – seriously – before he got it right.  During the process, he realized he was the Sara Palin of enterprise storage.  He was good until he was asked a question J

Thanks to everyone that attended, our speakers, UKTI for hosting the event and our sales and marketing sponsors Holland-Mark, ZoomInfo and KnowledgeVision.

We hope to see you at our summit in February: OPTIMIZE: Doing More with Less.

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