Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sales and Marketing Seminar: Inside the Head of the Data Driven Marketer

Christopher Penn, VP of Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications kicked off the morning with a question on “what is big data?”.  Referencing Tom Webster, Edison Research, “Any data that you don’t have a story for or doesn't fit on an Excel spreadsheet.”  But how do we store all this stuff and what does this stuff tell us?  Join MassTLC’s Big Data group for answers to the first question, but today’s marketing session tackled the 2nd question – what do we need to look at and how?   Christopher discussed 3 reasons why data-driven marketing fails; 1. Asking bad questions of good data 2. Having the wrong focus 3. Assuming what = why. Christopher’s presentation can be found here.

Next Raj Vysetty, Manager e-commerce & Analytics, at DYN presented three classes of analytics: 
1.              Known-Known’s = reporting
2.              Known-Unknown’s = analysis
3.              Unknown-Unknown’s = exploration

Raj shared DYN’s data sources and tools including Google analytics, Zuora, salesforce.com and SimplyMeasured for social data. Some of the more strategic metrics DYN looks at: % of revenue vs % of customers, time to upsell contracts, discounting vs. monthly price and cross-sell ratio.  Raj’s presentation can be found here.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Software Development Roundtable: Maximizing Distributed Agile Development Teams

There are some that claim that in order to maintain the highest levels of productivity, everyone has to be in the office.  Others find that with the need to find the best, perhaps specialized talent, teams are most likely distributed across multiple locations utilizing both onshore and offshore resources. 

 At tonight's software development roundtable session, Steve Habermas, VP of Product Development at Verivo Software and Mark Ringer, Director of Engineering, at Rally Software facilitated a terrific conversation on the decision to distribute a team, how to organize and create trust and coherence among team members, the infrastructure to be considered in terms of collaboration, and the tools and tracking mechanisms to help be successful.  Mark has teams distributed across the world from Boulder, Colorado to Helsinki, Finland. Take a look at Mark’s presentation for some tips and pictures of what has worked for them. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 PAX Made In MA Party!

Over 1000 gamers crowded Microsoft NERD at this year’s 4th annual PAX ‘Made In MA’ Party! From developers, to students – this year’s party really demonstrates the amazing gaming community and how it continues to thrive in Massachusetts.

30+ exhibitors had tables on both the first and eleventh floor showcasing their latest and greatest. Companies included Brass Monkey, Funkitron, Proletariat, Fire Hose Games, and Stomp Games… just to name a few.  Not only did the top gaming companies in MA attend, but the transformer, Bumblebee made an appearance!

Erika Poole and Tom Hopcroft from MassTLC, Chris Bowen from Microsoft and Steve Charkoudian from Goodwin Proctor all said a few words to get the party started and welcome all attendees to the event.

What was the most exciting? Our new Student Showcase! 5 Student groups from Universities in MA showcased their game for a chance to win a monetary prize. Two teams from Becker College, two teams from WPI and one team from Tufts University all brought their games for attendees to play and see in action. All attendees were given the chance to text to vote for their favorite game.