Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CXO Forum with Geoffrey Moore

MassTLC kicked off its CXO Series, "Crossing the Chasm" - What has Changed in the Past Two Decades?” to a packed room in the Seaport District. Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado addressed the audience and revisited his original premise of how and when companies cross a chasm and scale to the next level. Geoffrey continued with his overview, but included more current trends and examples.

He spoke of the mature life cycle of a technology, from emerging market (aka pre-tornado) through the quick and steep climb of growth, followed by the flat mature market, and ultimately – regardless of how successful the technology – a decline. It is between the flat and decline where a company thrives or dies. It is at this juncture the leaders need to innovate and “catch the next wave” bringing the cycle back to its beginning as emerging.

Geoffrey also spoke of “the four gears model” in which a company should continually be focused on one gear. The gears include: enlistment, acquisition, engagement, monetization. This is not to say more than one gear should not be turning at the same time, but to succeed, focus must be on just a single gear.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mobile and Healthcare Seminar: Engaging Patients with Mobile Technologies to Improve Care

On May 7th, MassTLC convened some of the best connected health technologists in the region. Our moderator for the session, Charlie Schick, Director of Big Data, Healthcare and Life Sciences at IBM, opened the discussion by identifying the common thread among the panelists – creating an interface to collect data from the patient, for the patient, to help themselves and their clinicians provide optimal care.
Providing a patient access enables self-managed care in a way where the patient (aka stakeholder) can see and experience firsthand: improved quality of life, lower costs, and improved overall outcomes.

Our panelists included Jonathon Dreyer, Director of Mobile Solutions Marketing, Nuance’s Healthcare Division; John Moore, New Media Medicine Group, MIT Media Lab; and Anne Pelz, Manager Product Management, PHT Corporation.

There was a good deal of discussion around how the panel members are able to get users to adopt their technologies. There was a general consensus that the time is now.  With improved and accessible technologies available through our mobile devices, and the changes eminent in the healthcare system, patients need to engage in their own care to improve care and lower costs.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Steve Krom and Kirk Arnold Named Co-Chairs of Mass Technology Leadership Council Board of Trustees

Seasoned executives, Krom and Arnold join forces to lead the MassTLC Board of Directors for the next two years

BURLINGTON, MA – April 25, 2013 –The Mass Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC), the state’s largest technology association, announced at their 2013 Annual Meeting that Steve Krom and Kirk Arnold will co-chair the origination’s Board of Trustees for the next two years. Krom and Arnold succeed Mohamad Ali, Chief Strategy Officer at HP, who was elected Chairman in 2011. Ali will continue to serve on MassTLC’s Executive Committee.

Krom, Vice President and General Manager for AT&T New England, is a veteran of the telecomm industry with a longstanding history with MassTLC, serving as the Chairman of the Board for Mass Network Communications Council (MassNetComms), an association that merged with MassTLC in 2009 and on the MassTLC board for the past three years.

"Steve is dedicated to MassTLC and to accelerating the New England tech industry as a whole,” said outgoing chairman, Mohamad Ali. "His history of volunteer leadership speaks for itself, as does his track record of success in business. In this new position, he is poised to help MassTLC continue to grow and have an even greater impact on the tech community in Boston and beyond.”

Krom is joined by co-chairperson, Arnold, a champion of the Massachusetts tech industry with more than 30 years of experience serving in
senior roles at IBM, CSC and Fidelity. She was a founder and CEO of Nervewire, CEO of Keane, and, most recently, COO of Avid.

"Kirk is a highly effective leader, a passionate advocate for Massachusetts and a lover of technology – all qualities that make her an excellent fit in her new role of co-chairperson,” said Tom Hopcroft, Council President and CEO. "Since joining the board, Kirk has made a positive impact on the organization, especially in the area of membership growth. Her commitment to promoting and advancing the tech community is evident and I look forward to a productive partnership over the next two years. ”

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Big Data and Energy Seminar: How Big Data Can Drive Big-Time Energy Efficiency

On Thursday, May 2nd, we brought together teams from energy management companies Enernoc  and EnergyPoints  where the discussion focused on how data is utilized to improve energy efficiency.

Stephen Dillon, Data Architect and Technology Strategy, Schneider Electric kicked off the program with the standard definition of Big Data and the 3 Vs (volume, velocity, variety). He added a fourth, which the panel agreed to be the most important – Value. Data is just data, it is the information you extract from it that provides value to the end user.  Stephen continued to set the tone for the discussion with a list of trends and expectations:

· Real time analytics are critical

· Pushing computation towards the data, not the other way around

· Innovation can be accomplished by software designers

· Demand response time has and will continue to shrink