Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sales and Marketing Seminar: Connecting Marketing to Revenue – It’s Scary Stuff!

Our session this morning from the sales and marketing community held at Endurance International was a lively one.  Our panelist, Elle Woulfe, VP of Marketing at Backupify, Greg Donahue, Director of Marketing Programs at Mercury Systems, Bernd Leger, VP of Marketing at Localytics and Zorian Rotenberg, VP of Marketing at Insight Squared clamored for the microphone to share their best practices and how they are working to tie marketing to revenue. There was overwhelming consensus from the panel and audience that it is not easy!  It’s hard work and a bit daunting when undertaking the task.  However, it’s something everyone has to focus on “or else”.  Success depends on organizations being committed and constantly refining. 

Brian Gladstein, CEO of Explorics did a fabulous job moderating the discussion.  The panel discussed managing their own funnels, scoring, the constant refinement of scoring and how important it is to involve sales in defining metrics.  Zorian stressed to the audience "do NOT talk content, demand gen, and leads with your CEO and board, but focus on KPIs"!

All presentations are available here in a single presentation.

Thanks to our speakers and our sponsors KnowledgeVision, PegaSystems and ZoomInfo.  Special thanks to Endurance International for hosting, It’s a spectacular space.  For those of you who may not be familiar with the Endurance name, it is one of the world’s largest hosting companies including brands such as Homestead, HostGator, Blue Host and Domain.com.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Software Development Seminar: Automated Testing – Leading the Way to Higher Quality Software, Faster

More than 100 developers and QA professionals turned out last night at Brightcove for a discussion on automated testing.  What should be automated, tools and best practices for delivering quality software.  William Josephson, co-founder of Solano Labs kicked off the night with thought leadership on high performing teams.  Overall, high-performing teams deploy code 30 times more frequently, 8000 times faster, have 50% fewer failures and restore service 12 times faster than their peers.  More can be found in William’s presentation here. 

Keith Williams from Brightcove discussed balancing and the benefits of automated testing across component testing, API testing, and web driver testing (browser based testing).  Keith’s presentation can be found here.

Keith, David, Steve and Barry
Pivotal Labs, a full-service development shop is just opening it’s Boston office. Pivotal believes their success is due to pair programming and test driven development. David Tengdin, Software Developer at Pivotal explained that their developers own code from development to production. Automated testing gives them confidence that things are working. David’s presentation is here. 

Steve Brunner Director of Quality Development at InterSystems revealed that they develop a lot of code to test a lot of code. Check out Steve's presentation for a ton of best practices!