Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MassTLC Hosts Inaugural Women in the Workforce Event

On April 18, 2014, MassTLC and event partner, Carbonite, brought nearly 150 women together for its Inaugural Women in the Workforce event. The evening session, “How Do You Reach the Top?” was comprised of four accomplished panelists (below) and Danielle Sheer, VP and General Counsel of Carbonite, who served as Moderator.

The night began with the panelists delving into how and why they worked towards securing their current roles at the CXO level. Amy Villeneuve, President and COO of Kiva Systems, emphasized strategic planning and urged her eager listeners to always think tactically. “To think strategically, ask yourself what you want to say in an interview with The Boston Globe in two years.”

After an enlightening Q&A session Sheer opened a more informal discussion between the audience and panel. The conversion ranged from how to utilize mentorships to set and achieve career goals to how to navigate an industry with the majority of CXO and management positions held by men.

As MassTLC continues to explore important issues regarding women in the workplace and technology sector, we invite you to share your thoughts about the panel discussion on our blog. Feel free to also send ideas for future forums to Member Relations Manager, Logan Goulett, at

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