Monday, August 25, 2014

MassTLC Launches New Demand Gen Peer to Peer Group

Posted by: Christine Nolan, MassTLC

Last Thursday kicked off MassTLC’s inaugural demand gen peer to peer group.  We had about 35 demand gen professionals in the room sharing best practices and strategies with the topic being “methods to increase early stage conversion metrics”. However, it quickly morphed into a conversation on sales and marketing alignment.  I wanted to share with you  two blog posts written by Zak Pines, Director of Marketing at Ipswitch that cover sales alignment and content syndication (a topic described as content advertising from many in our group).  The sales alignment post includes a link to the “sales rep” landing page idea that Zak shared with the group.

Future topics which are suggested by the group include:
  • Making lead nurturing work
  • Marketing analytics & reporting best practices
  • Predictive marketing
  • Lead scoring:  Necessary or Waste of Time
  • Database hygiene best practices

Our next meeting is scheduled for October 7th.  Mark your calendars, more details to follow shortly!

Thanks to all the joined us and to Jonathan Burg at Apperian that helped launch the group and facilitate the conversation.

If you are a head, director and VP of Demand / Lead Generation for a technology company and interested in participating in the group, please contact with your LinkedIn profile and interest in the group.

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