Friday, September 5, 2014

Hiring Outside the Hub - A Look from the Inside

Our workforce development community gathered at Dyn in Manchester, NH on August 28, 2014, to talk about the pros and cons of hiring top talent outside Boston and Cambridge.  It was a clear consensus with the panel that behind outside hub does not have to be a disadvantage.  Talent acquisition, whether your company is in the Boston/Cambridge area or outside the area is all about establishing a value proposition.   It's a requirement that you clearly articulate why your company is the right place for a potential candidate to come and work. 

It's important to think about what sets you apart from your competition.  For New Hampshire, companies tout the benefit of no commutes and the best place to work and live.  Total compensation including salary, bonus, benefits and the available opportunity have to be considered.

Colleen Karpinsky, VP of Talent and HR at Dyn, Lou Guercia, CEO at Scribe Software and Jim Paquette, Software Development Manager at AutoDesk were part of the panel moderated by Jason Alexander from BANK W Holdings.  Many tips were shared amongst the panel and audience.  A few key takeaways are below:
  • Do I hire the $125K developer today that is going to fix my problems today or the $65K-70K that will take some time develop but will be here for tomorrow’ problems and be part of the core of the organization?  Most of the time it’s better to build core than think short term.
  • The key to a successful university relationship is reciprocity and engagement.  Approachability of a school helps – navigating universities isn’t always easy!
  • Referrals:
    • Scribe pays its employees $5K for tech talent
    • AutoDesk just revamped their referral program.  They have a progressive plan for successive hires that it makes it pretty easy to get to $20K
    • DYN - word of caution if referrals are too high, make sure you create some diversity and different perspectives within your organization.  Because of this, Dyn changed their referral bonus to allow them to pursue other avenues to bring in other perspectives.
    • Jason Alexander added, your employees are your network, make sure your employees know your story well before you put in a strong referral program.
  • Tip!  Host a LinkedIn lunch - host a lunch for your employees, put up an open position on the board, including the skills needed, experience etc.  Have your employees bring their computers and troll their LinkedIn networks for possible candidates
  • What do companies pay tuition reimbursements?  - DYN $5K,  another company in the audience is at $2K
  • Do you look to the High Schools to find potential candidates? It appears that most work with colleges and universities.  There are many High School students, however, who do not know where they want to go, what their major could be and/or what career they want to pursue.  If the employers tap into the high schools, they have a chance to attract and motivate a student in the early stages of that decision. Guidance Counselors would love to work with companies to give their students options.

Thanks to Dyn for hosting the group and providing breakfast, our workforce development sponsors Insperity and Kronos and to our panelists and audience for taking the time out of their day to join us. 

Next, our workforce development community is focusing on women in tech.  What does it take to launch and maintain a women's initiative within your organization to strengthen women in tech?  We hope you can join us!

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