Friday, June 19, 2015

Robotics Cluster meeting hosted by WPI

Our June 2015 Robotics Cluster meeting was attended by 35+ MTLC members at the oldest building in the United States still used for engineering education, Washburn Shops and Stoddard Laboratories at WPI in Worcester.  We learned all about the history and objectives of the DARPA Robotics Challenge.  Mike Gennert and Ta┼čkin Padir discussed their system architecture and Team WPI-CMU’s progression through the various phases of the challenge to the most recent competition. They described working on – and with! – WARNER (their Boston Dynamics Atlas robot) to perform the competition’s tasks. Holly Yanco spoke about initial impressions of the human-robot interaction, giving a control room perspective of the competition.  Congratulations to Team WPI-CMU for their impressive achievement!

Enjoy this fun YouTube video of “falls” during the DARPA Grand Challenge (note WARNER is not part of this video):

Velin Dimitrov, a PhD Candidate at WPI, presented two WPI projects:  WALRUS, a Water And Land Remote Unmanned Search Rover, and CARE, Cyber-Physical Systems for Advanced Response to Epidemics.

We were then treated to a tour of some of the robotics labs on campus.

Warner – JUST returned from Pomona, CA after the DARPA Robotics Challenge – still in his crate!

Tye Brady holds Warner’s hand – with Mike Gennert
Robotics Cluster Women: Lenore Rasmussen, Founder of Ras Labs, Jill Wittels, CEO of Sostenuto Strategic Advisors, Kathleen Hagan, President of Hagan & Company

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