Monday, September 28, 2015

Enterprises in the Boston area need to do more to become design partners with security startups

An interview with Elizabeth Lawler, Co-founder, Conjur; @ElizabethLawler, @Conjurinc

We asked. Elizabeth answered.

Why is stepping up security, immediately, particularly important to your company/industry?

My industry is cyber security, so this is a bit of a skewed reply. However, what we are observing from the breaches of the last 4 years is that there were two classes of companies: 1) high velocity IT innovators and new technology adopters who were breached (LinkedIn, Facebook, Uber, etc) who were required to cobble together cyber security solutions to address technology gaps in their infrastructure, and 2) companies who cannot innovate in the IT space owing to cyber security concerns/constraints.

So stepping up security has a positive impact to the business directly (faster IT innovation, faster time to value) for both cohorts of companies.

What is the key obstacle companies like yours face in bringing security up to where it needs to be?

Lack of tooling in next generation infrastructure, difficulty hiring, organizational alignment around methodologies and technologies, rather than technology alone as a remediation

What is the next step that you recommend the local community takes to ensure that Boston becomes the next security Mecca?

The trope, regarding east coast "rounds and valuations" and west coast "rounds and valuations", causes great early stage companies to seek alternatives. Enterprises in the Boston area need to do more to become design partners with security startups, particularly since there are cyber security domain expert talent pools in the startup community.

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