Wednesday, September 23, 2015

ERP systems, which house the corporation's crown jewels, are vulnerable to attack

An interview with Alex Bender, @AlexeBender VP Marketing, @Onapsis

We asked. Alex answered.

Why is stepping up security, immediately, particularly important to your company/industry?

The stakes are high. Corporate Espionage costs the world economy $445 billion each year. Attacks are not just hacking to obtain credit card information or to sell personal information on the Internet. Instead, we're talking about breaches to mission-critical ERP systems that can lead to nation-state attacks, intellectual property theft, financial fraud and sabotage--and even the compromise of military trade secrets that impact national security. For example, there's been a 53% rise in economic espionage, aimed at US companies, in just the past year--with the vast majority of this activity originating from China.

What is the next step that you recommend the local community takes to ensure that Boston becomes the next security mecca?

We need to fuel the next generation of security professionals. Boston should set up a common stock that is offered on the Nasdaq that only features Boston Infosec Companies--with some of the proceeds going to development of youth and STEM education.

Here more of what Alex has to say at The Business of Security:  Impacting Your Company's Resiliency, Reputation and Revenue on September 30. Learn more and register:

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