Wednesday, October 28, 2015

unConference 2015 Session: Hiring Good Tech Talent

The following is a list of best practices for a number of attendees that participated in the Technology/Development unConference Track.

The Challenge: finding/hiring good tech talent – both senior and junior
      Employee referrals – range from $500 - $5000 (more senior positions)

·        Post good job descriptions that make it attractive & “sexy” – draw them in
o   Understand what your purpose of the position is
o   Know what qualities in a candidate you are looking for
o   Opportunities à “Maybe”

·        Sourcing Candidates - Leverage networks – social networks **Build your network**
o   Linked In – especially for seasoned engineers and tech talent
o   Referrals and word of mouth
o   Job fairs – usually attract Junior talent – universities
o   University site posting
o   Monster – Old School – not much success there
o   “Casting Call”
o   Be Active and not Passive – reach out and search rather than wait for applicants
§  Reach out to authors of tech papers
o   **Attracting Millennials
§  Beer in Friday
§  Casual – jeans
§  Talk opportunities to grow – Development plans
o   **Attend Meetups or host them – grow your network and get involved
o   **Twitter

·        Talk to candidates – the interview
o   Want rapid learning -- velocity
o   What have you been doing at your current position
o   What is their passion - What are you doing on your own (hobbies)
§  Do they have passion for the job
o   Are they a cultural fit ? – meet the team
o   Collaborative process
o   Ask them to solve a general technical question, then ask “what if” that makes them refine their answer – offer to collaborate to find best solution
o   One idea was the “American Idol” Audition – candidate makes a presentation to a problem solve, then panel asks questions to try to derail them
o   Keep the interview structured - Studies show unstructured interviews are not proven to be good
o   Skills based interview –
§  structure the same question and repeat it for each candidate
§  understand how you will rate/grade the answers
§  ask candidate to code a solution and collaborate on a solution
§  talk about your team’s challenges and see if they can offer a solution or ideas on how to help
o   2nd interview – bring candidate in to a company project review – Check References
·       Have a clear Organization Mission

New Recruiting tools:
·        Referral Mob
·        Drafted


News article 10/23/2015 – War for tech talent escalates:

Hiring good Tech Talent – Where to start?

Upcoming MassTLC event – Talent Summit 9 November in Waltham

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