Monday, June 27, 2016

CXO Forum: Designing the Future in an Age of Disruption

Designing the Future in an Age of Disruption

Last Tuesday over 50 CXOs from the tech community joined together for Designing the Future in an Age of Disruption. MassTLC’s CEO, Tom Hopcroft began the discussion with some key findings from MassTLC’s State of the Tech Economy report, highlighting the large role of tech on the Massachusetts economy, the need for more talent, and the need to focus on women and minorities as critical components of the tech workforce.

Following Tom, economist and co-editor of MassBenchmarks, Michael Goodman presented his state of the state. Michael walked through a number of factors that, in spite of the State’s economic forecast being strong, will affect growth of the Massachusetts economy including global markets, global conflict, huge demographic shifts, and even climate change.

Michael’s presentation dovetailed into our panel where members shared their stories and their insights on how regulatory and public policy agencies must work faster to move the regulatory processes in line with tech and enable innovation. Panelists included Sarah Biller of State Street Global Exchange, Jim Noga of Partners Healthcare, Tom Ryden of MassRobotics, Brian Tilzer of CVS Health, and Cathy Zhou of Uber.

Sarah spoke of the huge opportunities that have continued to evolve due to the massive data - both structured and unstructured - that have allowed corporate and individual investors to make substantially smarter decisions.

Jim and Brian also spoke of using data to deliver more individualized healthcare in a much more efficient and effective manner. Examples from Jim included having the ability to see multiple specialists who all have access to your health record, allowing your care to become more tailored to you. While Brian spoke of providing care on demand coupled with pharmaceutical care.

Tom and Cathy focused most on transportation citing autonomous vehicles and ridesharing respectively. Yet both warned of the negative impact that the current regulatory framework could have on moving Massachusetts to the forefront, not only as an economic development opportunity but also the ability to combat our ever increasing infrastructure and mass transit issues.

This conversation has only just begun, we will be continuing the discussion and taking a deep dive into these topics on November 18 at MassTLC’s TRANSFORM, an initiative in which the tech industry, along with academia and policy makers come together to talk about how we embrace the new opportunities coming about through our technology oriented, data driven, and on-demand economy.

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