Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Robotics Cluster Meeting hosted at Sea Machines: August 22, 2016

Robotics Cluster Meeting hosted at Sea Machines
August 22, 2016
Our Summer 2016 Robotics Cluster meeting and social was attended by about 50 MassTLC members at Sea Machines in the Boston Harbor Shipyard.  The focus of this meeting was Aquatic Robotics.
Sam Godin provided an overview and status of Riptide’s UUVs. Riptide Autonomous solutions made their first 3 production micro-UUVs delivery to SPAWAR System Center earlier this year and recently delivered 6 more to the US Navy this month.  More information on the company can be found on their web site at: https://riptideas.com/
Alex Lorman described Sea Machines Robotics as a forward-looking autonomous technology company which develops control systems and unmanned surface vehicles that increase offshore operational efficiency, quality and safety.  Sea Machines can be applied across most maritime industries.
Recent articles on Sea Machines include:  MarineLink.com, Unmanned Systems Technology (UST), Marine Technology News and the most recent article in the Boston Globe.  More information can be found on their web site at: http://sea-machines.com/
David Kelly described the InnovaSea Systems mission:  to create innovative and integrated production systems that efficiently and effectively produce fish, while not harming the environment.  He showed how these SeaStations and Aquapods are deployed and sustained.  More information can be found at: http://www.innovasea.com/
These indoor discussions were followed by an outdoor in-water demonstration of Sea Machine’s prototype.
Beer & Bots Casual Networking

Our summer social was enjoyed by all!
Special Thanks to Our Event Host


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