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Manufacturing Rocket Pitch for Solutions – March 2, 2017

The MassTLC/MassRobotics/MassMEP team, in collaboration with Greentown West, under the Advanced Manufacturing Futures Fund Program grant, funded by MassDevelopment, held our third “Manufacturing Rocket Pitch for Solutions” on 2 March 2017 at the Springfield Technology Park.

Our goal:  to help robotics, IoT and hardware start-ups and scale-ups grow and commercialize their products by connecting them with the local manufacturers and supply chain – turning great ideas into great products Made in Massachusetts.

Peter Russo from MassMEP, moderated our A-Team Expert Panel, mostly from the Springfield area and included:
  • Kristin Carlson - Peerless Precision
  • Steve Graham - Toner/S&E/Modern Mold Plastics
  • Chris Denney - Worthington Assembly
  • Mike Stone - CoFab

Figure 1 Peter Russo with panelist Steve Graham, Chris Denney, Kristin Carlson and Mike Stone

Peter provided an introduction to the program and each panelist offered tips to startups about what they should know about manufacturing and offered best practices. All stressed the importance of advisors and mentors as well as visiting potential suppliers early so that it may help with product design.

Each startups had a few minutes to: briefly summarize their company, explain their manufacturing challenge, and summarize what they hoped the panel can help resolve to make the greatest impact on their companies. This was followed by a panel discussion and advice offered to each company. Some experts in the audience also chimed in with information and advice.

Figure 2  Matt Scheuer from Electrona Robotics discusses some manufacturing challenges while panelists have a closer look
Startup Rocket Pitches by:
Electrona Robotics underwater drones are a tough, flexible, affordable miniROV platform. They can shoot HD video, carry sensors, and recover objects under 200 feet of freezing cold water in total darkness, or it can simply help children and students explore under the local dock.
Kwema is the personal safety jewelry, a fashionable bracelet with a hidden panic button that notifies friends & family, security services (Campus Police/Third Party Security) & our secret weapon of app community users closest to your location. Kwema’s stand-alone app has 2 features:  First Responders (accessible to all users) and Call4Help free for Friends & Family and upgradable to access community & security services.
QuikCord Inc., a veteran owned and operated company is in the process of developing a patent pending product, a hand-held military utility devise, designed to carry, cut, and deploy military rope (550- para cord) during tactical situations. With the motivation that “Time wasted on the battle field, could lead to life lost on the battle field”, the QuickCord team is committed to bring its product to market, and is currently prototyping various applications.
Nonspec is designing, developing, and delivering, a low cost and durable adjustable prosthetic limb for developing nations. They make an affordable, adjustable, ISO compliant, and mass producible prosthetic limb kit that can fit amputees around the world with simple adjustment. The prosthetic device novel design significantly reduces manufacturing cost, enabling mass production. The skeleton is designed with interchangeable “off the shelf” components that can be assembled into a prosthetic that is the size our patient needs.  The ability for the device to grow increases its usable life from 6-8 months to up to 4 years in pediatric cases, further decreasing the burden on families.
Figure 3  Erin Keaney and Jonathan Perez de Alderete show Nonspec's prosthetic
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