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Manufacturing Rocket Pitch for Solutions – March 17 2017

The MassTLC/MassRobotics/MassMEP team under the Advanced Manufacturing Futures Fund Program grant, funded by MassDevelopment, held our 4th “Manufacturing Rocket Pitch for Solutions” on 16 March 2017 at WPIs Gateway Park in Worcester.
Our goal: to help hardware and mechanical/electrical device start-ups and scale-ups grow and commercialize their products by connecting them with the local manufacturers and supply chain – turning great ideas into great products Made in Massachusetts.

We had a terrific A-Team Expert Panel available to offer advice to presenting startups and help them with their manufacturing challenges.  The panel was moderated by Peter Russo from MassMEP and included:

·         Joe Peters - Universal Plastics Corporation

·         Mark Smithers - Boston Engineering Corporation

·         Zack Johnson - Mack Technologies

·         Eddie Freitas - Algonquin Industries Inc. / Hi-tech Metals Inc.
Figure 1 Peter Russo with panelist Joe Peters, Mark Smithers, Zach Johnson and Eddie Freitas

Figure 2  Terrific space at 1002 Gateway
Peter led discussion and each panelist offered tips to startups about what they should know about manufacturing and offered best practices.
Several WPI professors and students discussed challenge they were encountering – everything from connectors, to plastic parts, to box assembly. These included students from the Popovic Lab with a Gyroscope for shoulder prosthesis and a hydro bone (synthetic muscle simulation) for a lower leg soft exoskeleton. Others from WPI discussed challenges with a powered arm orthosis, a modular motion control system for MRI compatible robotics and an assistive hand exoskeleton.
Figure 3  Eddie offers advice to Chris Nycz
Figure 4  Paulo discusses his challenges with his box assembly
Figure 5  Peter offers options for cable assembly
Other companies pitching included:
Line Health is building a connected pharmacy: it leverages data and a proprietary IoT device to drive better medication adherence, outcomes and help payers and providers in their journey to value-based healthcare. Current investors and partners include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Baptist Health and Bolt.

SmartDiiet is a health monitoring smartphone mobile device and cloud-based mobile APP. The SmartDiiet device leverages several different technologies such as 3D imaging, spectroscopy and AI machine learning others, to enable a user to take a (scientific analysis) image of their entire meal and instantly see displayed on their smartphone the food’s actual weight, USDA calories, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, sodium and other nutritional values of the meal in a format similar to the FDA’s Nutritional Facts label. The device also allows the user, with a swipe of the screen, to instantly segment or separate the food types of the meal (e.g. salmon, mash potatoes, carrots …) to determine the nutritional facts of each, all from the one initial image.
Invent Boston develops and designs products that add science and whimsy to the everyday at home. Their first product is a two minute light up timer to motivate children to brush their teeth more thoroughly.
And thank you to our host:

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